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Current WCC Department Needs & Upgrades

Food Service & Dining Hall

Versare Room Dividers #1190909 $5,302
Frymaster Double Fryer - $32,000


Lawn Irrigation System for South Lawn - $20,000


Replace Dormitory Flooring - $32,000
Dormitory Building Update & Expansion - $336,500

Extend 2nd floor over concrete patio below, creating a large meeting space and install 2 single family style bathrooms with showers. In addition to the expansion we would also update the flooring in the meeting areas and sleeping rooms. An all-in-one meeting space in the dorm would also provide an additional income stream. Our intent is to give it a lodge feel with amazing views of the lakes!

Have you ever wanted to give additional support to Webster Conference Center, but just couldn’t afford to do it? Well, here’s your opportunity to do it at no cost to you.

A purchase you might be planning to make anyway could provide additional support to Webster Conference Center. Follow the links below to learn about the details of each of those programs.

Dillons Community Rewards

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This program donates a percentage of your normal grocery purchase price to charitable organizations. Please note, Dillons allows you to only have one charitable organization.

Donate Your Age

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Celebrate with a purpose! On your birthday, donate your age to WCC and all donation amounts will go to Webster improvements: buildings, recreation elements, landscaping and more! We encourage all ages to participate in helping make Webster a better place.

GSCF Match Madness

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When you give to the WCC endowed fund through the Greater Salina Community Foundation on March 23, 2023 your gift will be matched proportionally up to 50% with an instant cash grant for the our current needs.